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Welcome to Click Fraud Defender,

We know you are probably expecting a sales pitch, a catch, something… There is none. This is a free community service from with the goal of helping nice people determine if they are under attack from bad people (or bots) clicking on their Google Ads.

The test is available to you free of charge for 30 days.(No Other Agenda Behind This)

To Start Your 30 Days Free Click Fraud Test
How Does The Test Work

1. You create an account (just an email address and a password).
2. Post a short blurb of code on your website
3. This code enables Click Fraud Defender (CFD) to display detailed visitor information, including their arrival time, the day of their visit, and the duration of their stay, for every user who visits your website

well just look below as an example…

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To Start Your 30 Days Free Click Fraud Test
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