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We do not sell or share your information to any other companies. Your information is kept in house and secure with the exception when it might be needed to benefit you. For example, if we are trying to resolve a problem for you with Google we might need to share your account name and ID. We do not share your credit card information with anyone, with the exception of the payment processing company. When asked to do so, by law enforcement with the proper warrants or other legal documents we may at our option share your information with the proper law enforcement agencies. We follow all privacy laws of the USA, it’s individual states and those of the European Union. All private information will be stored within the continental United States.

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We do not share your email address or other information with other companies where they might want to solicit you. We will not fill your box with market materials, etc. We do however (You can opt out) reserve the right to send you notifications about your account, recommendations on how to increase your return on investment, advise and tips via a newsletter (You can opt out), account reports (You can opt out) and correspondence from our support department to assist you with any issues you contact us about.


We use cookies for the purpose of detecting and preventing click fraud. The information gathered via cookies does not include any type of personally identifiable information. We do not share this information with anyone except where when appropriate we may blacklist IP addresses associated with suspicious behaviors such as click fraud.

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