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Business ownership comes with many responsibilities and hats but making sure your Pay Per Click advertising dollars are working should not be something you spend time wondering about. Many company owners assume they will pay for their Ad and phones will begin to ring. Unfortunately, this is not the case for many individuals. Business owners do not understand the small extremely important details that are necessary to make your ads successful. These include content of your website, the load time of a webpage or something many people don’t expect, Click Fraud!

Save Money on PPC CLicks

Click Fraud Defender is designed to help everyone from first time Pay-Per-Click users to professional advertising agencies to not only improve their profit margins but also lower their cost of advertising. The first step in this process is to help you reduce the number of bad people clicking your ads and to block low quality visits to your Pay Per Click Advertisements.

Click Fraud Defender

Who Is Clicking Your Ads?

We all want nice people (known as buyers) to click our ads and buy our products or services. The question we all ask is, how do you know who’s clicking your ads and what their intentions are? Are the people who are clicking your ads buyers (nice people), lookers (undecided) or bad people (people who are clicking your ads solely to hurt your business)?

Click Fraud

The Bad People

Did you know that on average 30% of the people who click a company’s PPC Advertisements are clicking solely out of ill intent? You may be asking yourself who would do such a thing and why.

Click Competition

Examples of Bad People

(That You Know)

There are all kinds of bad people that you know who might love the idea of costing you money. Imagine an ex-romantic partner sitting there clicking on your ad all day, and all night, from their computer just to harass you. What about employees you had to let go because of some ill behavior?

Can you imagine them searching for your ad and then clicking it over and over again from their cell phones. Oh, and let’s not forget the rage monsters – the angry customer who could not get your product for free. What if it occurred to them not only to write negative reviews, but that they could cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars just by clicking on your ads every day.

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Click Competition
Click Farms

Examples of Bad People

(That You may not Know)

Why would people you don’t know (for example your competitors) click on your Pay Per Click Ads? Some people are of course just mean. But there are other people out there who feel they can make a profit by making their competitions ads disappear. Basically, they click your ads repeatedly with the intention of using up your advertising budget for the day so that your ads disappear. Are you asking yourself how your competition can profit by clicking on your ads?

The answer is that if they are lower than you in the Google Ad rankings it means you are getting more attention than they are. Uh oh! Some of them won’t like that. Of course, they could raise their bids and move above you. But there is a cheaper way for them to move above you. They could simply click on your ads until your Ads campaign runs out of money for the day. Then your ad disappears and their Ad moves up a position.

Click Fraud Defender

Click Fraud Defender

When it comes to click fraud you can never have too much information. This is why we developed the most comprehensive software and analytics in the world that focuses on identifying and blocking click fraud. What you see below is just a tiny sample of the information we gather and provide for you in your dashboard for a “single click” on your PPC Ad. There are many additional layers of information for each visitor available to you.

If you are a techie or Advertising Agency you will love it. Not a techie, no problem because Click Fraud Defender comes in a fully automated version where you basically turn it on and go. We have made the dashboard extremely user friendly. Each analytic comes with a small blurb should you scroll your mouse over so that you have all the information you need at your fingertips. Our fully automated version does all the work for you and saves you money.

Click Bots


Click Fraud Defender has the ability to instantly block bad people from clicking your Ads. It begins with detecting bad behavior from one or more IP addresses. This all occurs using Google’s API for which CFD is an approved user. By agreement Google will now stop showing your advertisements to visitors using that IP Address. Since the bad people can’t see your Ads, they can’t click your Ads and if they can’t click your Ads they can’t waste your money. You have the option of using Manual or Automatic IP Blocking.

attack types

Here are some samples of the attack types that Click Fraud Defender protects you from. Note: We intentionally left some details out so that we are not educating the bad people.

Excessive repeat visits

By far the most common type of click fraud by bad people is where they simply go online and click your Ads over and over again, perhaps even day after day, week after week. Click Fraud Defender allows you to see how many times each visitor has clicked your Ads and to block and unblock them. We even offer the ability to limit how many times someone can click on your Ad.

We Stop Click Fraud


Nice people visiting your website with the intent to buy your products have no reason to try to hide their IP address. On the flip side Bad People often try to hide their real IP address by using VPN’s. With this in mind CFD blocks anyone who clicked your Ads using a VPN.

Click VPNs

different ips

Bad Actors know that when using VPN’s there is a chance they might get caught and blocked and so some of them try changing their IP address every couple of visits. Don’t sweat it, CFD blocks people who change their IP addresses.

Click Threats

Known Bad Actors

Click Fraud Defender gathers information from companies who specialize in tracking the good/bad behavior from IP Addresses around the world. In addition, CFD has its’ own CFD Bad Actors list. If someone visits your site from an IP on any of these bad actors lists CFD immediately blocks them from seeing and clicking your Ads in the future

PPC Clicks


Nice people wanting to buy your products rarely delete cookies or block them. On the other hand, bad people engaging in click fraud often block cookies or delete them between visits. CFD blocks all visitors who delete or reject cookies.

Click Stop


Robots are basically software designed to find and click on your Ads with the intent of costing you money. The Good News is that Click Fraud Defender looks for and blocks malicious Robot programs from clicking your Ads.

PPC Fraud

Multiple Short Visits

Does it make sense to allow people to click your Ad over and over again if they only stay a few seconds each time? Obviously not. With this in mind CFD blocks people who engage in multiple short visits.

Click Protection Software


One of the best ways to increase your sales from PPC advertising is to have useful information on what visitors do when they click on your ads in an easy to understand and use format. Our statistics are some of the most comprehensive in the world. The information you have at your fingertips will allow you to know what is working for your company and where to spend more of it or less of it. Our easy to use dashboard gives you all the data points companies are looking for when measuring their advertising.

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